Join the tribe!

RoM provided me the time and space in each day to dance, play, and move with my body. Every training session left me feeling free in my mind to express myself in more ways than just the physical. The teachers are down to earth and completely dedicated to movement. The passion they have pours out of their souls. You can feel their energy when they speak about it, guide their students, and move. The community they have fostered is second to none. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and eager to learn. When I joined, I gained a whole new group of friends that was as excited for my advancement as they were for their own. The quality of the training is also some of the best around. Both Sean and Aylin are disciplined and determined students of Ido who continue to learn and impart that knowledge on their students. They structure each class into sections that all complement each other and keep you constantly progressing. A program is created for each student that is unique to their strengths and weaknesses. They are so generous with their instruction that they even invite their students to come train with them on the weekends and off hours that are not included in the scheduling.

Nelson Cuadras

I stayed cause I found my people. Simple as that. The multidisciplinary and multidimensional approach, all in one place, was something I couldn’t imagine to find. The concept of play was the same that I had always envisioned. I have more real, usable strength, agility, flexibility etc… I know and can control my body better than ever before. The approach to my body and how I look and perceive movement around me has become much more “aware”. Now I consistently search for more in everything, more knowledge, more movement. The community and friendship is a very pure bond that I am forever grateful for. Adding to that, the culture of movement is something truly special. There are no levels, there are only layers (that are both horizontal and vertical). Booyaka!

Nelson "Cortadito" Solis

It was more than about being fit. it was a way to help me understand my body and its capabilities. It’s always exciting and it’s always different. The benefits have been great all around. Physically, I move better and my flexibility is really improved. But mostly, I know now that there is more that my body can do than i understood before. I have more control and balance than i had playing high school sports. I feel more in tune with my body and more comfortable with it.

Kevin Staples

At the beginning it was a compliment for my acro practice. Now I say it’s my principal practice, my space, meditation and challenge, the magic moment to unplug “the normal life” to make the impossible something possible. My acro practice is getting better, with more control and confidence. I like the support of everybody; it’s amazing how we celebrate the progress of everybody in the group.

Nestor "Toca-te" Sandoval

I like Republic of Movement because of their individualized, yet methodical approach to increased strength, flexibility, and mobility. Training is purposeful toward achieving greater movement freedom. Coaches are extremely knowledgeable on many facets of training and encourage students to embark on their own movement research paths. I feel well supported and that I get very good guidance.

Leah Weston

The teachers are very knowledgeable, friendly, and really take an interest in the development of the students and knowing where they’ve been. The other students in the class were also very welcoming and it really felt like a community. The instruction was some of the best I’ve experienced in a group format. I definitely felt challenged, as the teachers  made sure to take the time to find out just the right progression for me so that I was being pushed at just the right intensity, not above or below. Selling myself short was not allowed; on multiple occasions I discovered that I was stronger and more capable that I thought thanks to the sharp eyes of the teachers, their encouragement, and their confidence in me. It was also a nice mix of strength work, loaded mobility, joint prep, and movement sequence practice. It takes a good teacher to meet people wherever they are in their development, and I think RoM has what it takes to provide that.

Jeremy Frias