Join the tribe!


We teach movement classes in Wynwood, Miami. We develop our method, perspective and education under the mentorship program of our teacher Ido Portal.

What’s a movement class?

We draw from different worlds to develop a movement practice – this includes pursuing attributes like strength, coordination, rhythm, physical intelligence like the ability to interact with a partner or learn a new pattern or organize the body, acquiring tools for expressiveness, and more and more…


build physical community,

pursue physical exploration,

create physical freedom.

We use...

gymnastic rings, bars, bodyweight, heavy weights, partners, barbells, dumbbells, tennis balls, and whatever else we need to get the job done.

We go after...

movement intelligence, strength & mobility, acrobatics & locomotion, balance & body control.

We take from...

martial arts, strength and conditioning, dance, gymnastics, performing arts, and anything and everything else.


Because we were made physical, we were made to move. We want to explore everything the body can do. Movement doesn’t need a reason… movement IS the reason.

All levels welcome!

Check out the schedule, send us an e-mail, call us at 786-470-7509, or fill out your contact info & we'll follow up.